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The Story of Rinitia
By: Dessa M. Kiracofe
Part I

Rinitia. That's my name. Rin. That's what they call me. Yes. Rinitia was my great grandmother's name. A heroic woman, she was. People would normally run in fearof all these wars. But not her. Not my great grandmother. No, she was the bravest of them all. You could tell if someone was trembling thirty miles away.But not grandma. No, no she would stand there and stare at you with a blank expression that made you feel small. So small that you didn't even exist. That's my grandmother. A great, great woman. Me? I want to be greater. I don't want to stand around like a worried fool. No, I want to be somebody. I want to be the general of the war. Yes. The captin.

I do belive women weren't accepted as soldiers in the war. No. Not at all. Father would always yell me, "Never give up! Keep trying. If you want to someone, go for it. If you fall then get back up and try, try, try again!" Yes. Father knew my wishes and he told me he was the proudest man yet to be. My mother, however, said it was absurd. Suicidal. But she didn't know how I felt about it. I felt so strongly. No, she knew nothing of how I felt. Father did. He knew it like it punched him in the face with a frying pan repeatidly, screming, "STRONG FEELING, STRONG FEELING!!" Yes. Very strongly. I know this because one night, I heard father bringing it up to mother as one of their bedtime topics when I was only thirteen. That was when I made my choice to be within the army.

I got out of bed, at mid-night, to get a drink of water. I was passing by my parents' bedroom when I heard their voices. I walked over to the door and pressed my ear to the cold wood, ever so softly. "Kiana, I just ask that you listen to the reason before hastingly going into concern. Our daughter belives she can do this. Why can't you?" Usally men would yell and even beat their wives, but father was better than that. "No, I said no and I mean no!" mother roared in what sounded like anger. I continued to listen carefully. "Kiana, hear me out. You need to stop being so overly protective of our daughter and support what she wishes. Allow her to do what she feels is right." fther explained. "I'm cocerned of our only daughter. Besides, a female in the army? Thats unheard of!" "But we can make it heard of. Heard of all over the world-" "Then we'll be the craziet parents to roam the earth-" "And Rin shall be happy.." Silence. Not a sound was made. Suddenly, they began talking of my brother's education and Lord knows I won't get into that conversation.

I was only nineteen whenmother walked up yo me one eveing. "Rin, we need to talk.." she said. I nodded and followed her to the living room, sitting upon the couch. "Rin, you've wanted to join the army for six years now-" "Not just a troop, mother, but as the general!" I saw my mother gulp and sigh heavily. "yes, well..." she paused once more. "I belive I will support the idea of this unusal wish." I smiled and hugged her. "Thank you, mother!" I said. My mother gave a warm smile. "Just like your grandmother. Brave. Fears of nothing.." she whispered.

I was only twenty three when I heard the army were lookin for troopers. Not that many were upon them.The troopers nd their master. The one to chose the general. I walked up. "Now, if you fail us you will-" "Hello," I called. They all looked up at me. "I've come to to join. Where do I sigh up?" They laughed and glarred at me. "No where, woman," said the man in a stern voice. I smirked and pointed at a finger to myself. "I, sir, maybe a female, but I, sir, have rights! And I wish to have the right into the army as a general." The man shook his head. "Then a trroper?" I said. I glarred at him. "No." he said. I was filled with anger. "Your not man enough, you loser!! No surprise!!" I roared and turned away. The man smiled when I looked back. "Your in.. A person who is brave enough to yell at me is a worthy one to join. No matter the gender." he said.

By July 9th, 1755, the battle had taken place.General Braddock led us through the wilderness of the woods, the day before. We were to wear red uniforms so it was easy to spot up. No so smart. Some of the soldiers carried flags, while the real soldiers were a bit annoyed by the others who played music. I know. Hard. We faced out enemies, gun tightly in grip of our hands, holding them up. Everything was quiet. Then, the general pointed and yelled, "ATTACK!!" Everyone began shooting. I held up my gun and fired away. Men went down, one by one. I heard yelling and looked up to my life, an enemy running toward me. He tackled me and pinned me to the ground, stabbing me in the arm with the knife in his hand. I yelled in pain.

I used my good arm to reach for my gun. The enemy held up the knofe for a second stab, but to my chest. I gripped the machinery and swung it up, not sure what to do. He fell off and I sat up quickly. I shot him. I looked around. My vision was blurry. All of a sudden, everything went black.

Part II

I woke in one of the barracks. I sat up and grabbed my arm. "Ow.." I said. I was covered in badages and blankets. I turned in m bed. I slowly rose to my feet. It hurt, but I had worse. Boot camp. I slowly began walking, when a soldier walked in with a tray of food. He set the tray on the side table. He began carefully leading me back to the bed and made me sit down. I pushed him away. "I'm stronger than you think!" I said. The boy smiled. not just any smile. A warm smile. The kind of smile you don't expect from a soldier when you yell at them. Just. That kind of smile. I looked away, toward the food, my stomach growling. "I know you are.. But please? Rest.." he asked, sotly. Soft. He was too soft. "Fine.." I said. I turned to walk over, when, he picked me up and set me in bed. I felt my face get red.

"Don't! Touch me.." I demanded, glarring at him. He frowned and handed me the tray of food. "You can leave now.." I said. He turned toward the door. "Oh.. By the way.. Did we win?" I asked. He turned back to me. "No.. We were lucky to get out of there in one piece, or at least some of us.." he replied. I looked down. "I see..." I said. Silence. "They plan on sending younger troops and have replaced the general.. Or... Are replacing the general." he said, and with a nod he walked out.

I walked up to the General's Office and looked at a tan man. I put on a serious face. "May I help you, Miss... Rinitia Son?" he asked, looking at the old trooper list for my name. "Yes," I replied. "I'd like to join in the next war..!" He starred at me."Why, that's absurd!" Absurd. That word once again. A person who uses that word can have their mind changed. Just takes a little effort. "Your absurd! Your birth was absurd! Your LIFE is absurd!! I know I can do this! I know I can..." I yelled. He continued his stare. Then, he stood and walked to me."Look, you are injured and we are sending younger ones out to-" "What?! So you think, just 'cause my arm was stabbed, I cant still punch you?! And what about the younger ones?! They fight young, they die young! Is that your motto, sir..?" I said.
the man had a disguest and horrified look on his face. "N-no, miss..." he said. I glarred up at him. "Do you know what my motto is?" I asked. He shook his head. His eyes said he wasn't sure he wanted to know. "'If you want to suceed, you must put some effort into it and never give up.' Now, I am trying to not give up, but you are pushing me away!! I want to do this!!" Then, he swollowed his pride and said, "of courde.. I will allow you to re-join the army.." he said. I smiled and nodded. "Good," I said calmly. "now.. I will take my leave.." I turned to the door and began walking. "In fact, Miss Rin Son," he called after me. "I want you to be the new general!" he said. I stopped in my tracks, eyes wide.

New general?! Did he just say new GENERAL?! I turned back to face him. He had a grin upon his face. "N-New... General...?" I asked, to make sure I heard right. I watched him nod. "A girl as a general is unusal, but.. I belive you are very brave and very well deserve it..! Now, Miss Son, I hope to see you in four more years for war..!" he said. I nodded. "Yes, sir!" I said and ran off happily.

That night, I was sitting in on my bed writing away to my family, about everything.

Dear Family,
I am doing well in the army.Still alive acually. I bet mother is happy and surprised about that one. I wanted to tell you what has happened lately. While we were down in war I managed to shoot a great amount of enemies. Sadly, I was surprise attacked and stabbed in the arm near my chest. i'm okay though!

I hear they were sending ounger troops out to war in four years and you know my motto. I wanted to join. So, I had a talk with them. Yes, I was accepted as a trooper, but, not just any trooper. The general! I am so exited now!! I told you I could do it!!

~Rin Son

After about four years, on the night of September 12-13 of 1759, I led the army to our next war, determined to win this one.It was mid-night. We were to win some way and if this was the way, then fine! So be it. We marched quietly to their town and surrounded it. I walked into one of the barracks and tapped on a person's shoulder. He woke and looked up. I took my gun and hit him hard in the face. I threw him down to the ground. I sat on him and said, "This is for stabbin' me!!" Then, I shot him.

I stood and looked up at the troops in the door way. "This is what needs to happen. ALL of them.." I demanded. They nodded and cleared out. I could hear pleades and cries. After a few hours more troops ran up shooting at us. We held up our guns. Shot here, shot there. Shoot, shoot everywhere. It was crazy. I shot the general and smirked. Everyone cheered. We had won.

My eyes grew wide and I yelped in pain as I felt something jab into my back and twisted. Someone had stabbed me! They removed the knife and screamed to the sky. I fell to the ground. My troops shot the enemy. I could hear them calling my name. I coughed up blood. My vision was blurry. This wass way worse then the last war, four years ago. Everything went black.

Part III

I woke in a white room. A hospital room. I didn't know what to think. I looked over to the side of my hospital bed at my parents. Mother was crying, father, holding her tightly. I reached up and lightly touched her hand. She looked up with teary eyes and hugged me tightly. I smiled. "It's okay, mother.." I said. My smile faded. "I love you.." "We love you too..!" I felt my eyes slowly close. Then, it was black again.

I appeared somewhere. there was a gold gate. Clouds everywhere. I wore a long glistening dress and had gold and white wings. I watched the gate open slowly. "Come, Rin. You have done your time on Earth.." And so, I walked in.

And so, Rin Son had died peacefuly and honored as a general. May God be with you, Rin... May God be with you..! <3

'If you want to suceed, you must put some effort into it and never give up.'
~Rinitia Son(:
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