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 Mr.Haji taka

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PostSubject: Mr.Haji taka   Mr.Haji taka EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 1:40 am

Name:Mr.Haji Taka


Player Name:Kino


Race:half Human half vampire (his vampire strength only not blood sucking) (blood)


Appearance:Mr.Haji taka 139734

Personality:loves to fight, love big breasted girls, ends up destroying stuff

Favorite Color:silver

Favorite Food:hot dogs

Pet:a talking cat that also hits on woman

Ability:can hide his brain waves and alter them to foul Telapathic

Theme Song:

Background:born from a vampire mother and a human father Haji live his life on when he was 5 his mother gave him a talking kitten this kitten think he is a human and hits on woman as Haji got older he started to hate the cat because the cat always steals the girls he hits on and when he was 23 he tryed to get read of the cat and gave it to a friend but the cat told him they are bound by fate and a team

Must Answer~
Q: If a Vampire drinks blood, and a Werewolf eats other animals/people, what does a VampWolf eat/drink?
eats animals and drinks there blood

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PostSubject: Re: Mr.Haji taka   Mr.Haji taka EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 11:06 pm

Has to connect with either blood or moon
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Mr.Haji taka
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