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 Rules To ALL Members

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  • Make your character's topic in 'Characters'. Here, the character you have must be either Blood type or Moon. Example: Blood would be Vampire. Moon would be Werewolf. Also, I will allow the number of three characters. Thank you.

  • Use good grammar, punctuation, and capitals. The occasional typo is understandable, but let’s try to make sure it still looks like English at the end of the day. When the person is saying something in a Roleplay/thread, please use quotations. Example: "No matter what, we will be best friends!" said Jane. When the person is thinking something in a Roleplay/thread, please use italic. Example: Is she... Is she my real mother..? thought Jason.

  • Please, no 1st person posts. Third person please, and use the character's name at the begining of every post. If you start going on like 'he moved close then he...etc.,etc.' without saying anything about the character's name, it gets confusing. I say this from experience, I once didn't know a character's name until about the thirtieth post, it's very annoying.

  • Don't OD your posts with smilies. In fact, when you're rping...avoid using smilies anyways, they really aren't necessary. Since I believe this goes hand in hand with this rule, I won't bother making another one. Don't talk like you're on MSN or texting. Sometimes, I know, it's hard not to. But spell out the words in RPs don't take shortcuts. I would like it also if you always capitalize I...though I always forget, it just looks nicer. So i don't want to see any: u, ur, r, wtf, idc, k, ppl, plz, nm, hbu, g2g, brb, or any variation of lol in any IC posts. Make sense? It should.

  • No one liners, there is nothing a good RPer can’t stand more than a one line, or even a few word, post. Sometimes, they are necessary because, sometimes, even when someone has a long post it can be hard to find a lot about it to reply to. Like when a character is simply elaborating on thoughts instead of any actions, it happens. But if you continuously have short one or two line posts, maybe you should go RP with the other people who RP like you. Even with this understanding, 2 LINES of text are a minimum.

  • NO! GOD! MODDING! I know there are people out there that don't know what God Modding is. That's when you make a character invincible and dodge every attack thrown their way. If a character is in a fight, they must get hit one out of every three times at LEAST. Immortal characters are allowed, as long as, in the end, there is a way to defeat them. If a character won't die from getting stabbed in the heart, that's fine. As long as I can go in a rip of an arm without them regenerating it, or if I chop of their head, they can no longer move because the brain isn't connected to the nervous system and if I blow up the character, they aren't going to magically reassemble. NO GOD MODDING!

  • No POWER PLAYING! This is almost as bad as God Modding. Power Playing is when you use the other person’s character without their permission. Sometimes when RPing a fight, it is necessary, but don't exaggerate it. And if they are just talking, don't go on and say what they should be saying. And no controlling their actions, no matter what.

If you DO NOT follow these rules then there will be warnings.

-1st warning: Warning
-2nd warning: Warning
-3rd warning: Warning
-4th warning: Talk With Admin
-5th warning: Ban From Chat
-6th warning: Ban from roleplay
-7th warning: Ban From Site
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Rules To ALL Members
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