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 About Us, BloodMoon

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PostSubject: About Us, BloodMoon   About Us, BloodMoon EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 12:27 am

BloodMoon is our special clan. The name Blood moon came from the thought of Vampires (Blood) and Werewolves (Moon). Other beings are approved of as long as they have something to do with these two things. Blood and/or Moon.

The BloodMoon is a Level 1 clan. But, we are brutel. We shall become the strongest. We will have allies as many as enemies. We are to have as many members as possible. Every member will have their own numbers. So will the admins.

The numbers of the admins are to seperate them in case their name is not memerized. If their name is not memerized they are known as number __. For Example:
Jemma3: Number 2, please help me explain to Number 6?

Your founder or admin will asign your number. You are to put your number after your name once your asigned it.
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About Us, BloodMoon
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