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Name: Rin Love Pagan

Gender: Female

Player Name: Rin1

Age: Unknown

Race: Vampire (Blood)

Family: Seb (Father), Nathan (Brother), ______ (Mother)

Rin Love Pagan 1004810_1286395419621.37res_147_287

Rin Love Pagan T13012541265b5ab43230c0015a7b97ba565a7281d91

Personality: Dangerous, Shy, Sweet (At Times), Protective, Needy

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Blood And Rice Balls

Pet: N/A

Ability: Telapathic

Theme Song: Dangeous

Background: Rin wasn't the only child in her family. Her older brother, Nathan, was only 8 years old when she was born. Her father, Seb, was her hero. But not just her hero, her best friend. She looked up to him. Her mother wasn't around much when she was young. Nathan wasn't the one to speak in public, but if someone were to mess with his little siser, they'd hear a mouth full. When her mother died, Rin was the one to keep Seb sane. Sane and happy. She would do it as well as her brother would.

Must Answer~
Q: If a Vampire drinks blood, and a Werewolf eats other animals/people, what does a VampWolf eat/drink?
A: Bloody Animals/People
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Rin Love Pagan
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