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 Finding Soni

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Finding Soni Empty
PostSubject: Finding Soni   Finding Soni EmptyTue Oct 18, 2011 8:42 am



Player Name:Soni


Race: Wolf

Family:Parents:Jace and Kate Korini Sisters:Twin Grace Brothers:John,Jack,Kory,Kade Jake, and Aaron

Appearance:Blonde hair,blue eyes, tall,skinny

Personality:Sweet caring and totally loyal

Favorite Color:Light Blue

Favorite Food:Mac n cheese

Pet:Onix the cat

Ability: Can transform into a wolf

Theme Song:'Sexy,Naughty,b****y me'

Background:She was born in a small town and has very little history at age 5 her parents left her. When she was 7 she found out she could turn into a cat and a wolf. At age 15 she found out that this boy liked her and she ended up falling for him to her childhood was more dark so I can't put that up here but now shes in law school studying to become a lawyer she is a happy young adult. Shes out with her friends most of the time partying like all college students but now that shes home alone she likes to sit down and read sometimes she will have her boyfriend over and they will sit and talk
Must Answer~
Q: If a Vampire drinks blood, and a Werewolf eats other animals/people, what does a VampWolf eat/drink?
A:they eat people and other things and drink blood

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Finding Soni
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